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Questions Re Renting Top-Condition Lindale Properties

Should I buy or rent my next house?

Conventional wisdom is that you need to live in a house for five years before you will come out ahead by buying it rather than renting. The Lindale Landlord says that all depends on the house you would buy vs. the place that you would rent. If you work hard at it (and then on it), you can find ways to make money on any home purchase—except you never know for sure what the real estate market might do. With rent, you always know what it’s costing you.

Is your rental property still available?

Check the For Tenants page. The Lindale Landlord keeps it up to date.

Are you an equal opportunity landlord?

For people? You bet! For pets? No! The Lindale Landlord discriminates against cats (sorry) and mean dogs (not old grouchy dogs, mean dogs).

Are pets allowed?

The Lindale Landlord doesn’t want cats. He welcomes one well-behaved, likable dog. But he has to meet and like your dog or he won’t rent to you.

What if my dog doesn’t like The Lindale Landlord?

Great question! You (and your dog) should not rent from any landlord you don’t trust. Likewise, the Lindale Landlord will be picky about whom he entrusts his homes to. He has invested a lot of time and money in them, and he wants to protect his investment.

Who takes care of the yard?

That’s up to you. Keeping it nice is a requirement of the lease. If you want someone to mow it, the Lindale Landlord knows someone who will do it for $35.

What makes a “top-condition” rental property?

The Lindale Landlord has zero interest in renting to tenants who are just looking for the cheapest rent. He won’t ever own or manage that kind of rental property. His philosophy is that the best renters—the renters he wants—will rent the properties in the best condition and will help keep them that way. His properties are very well-cared for, clean, and move-in ready. That’s what he means by top condition.

Is “top condition” supposed to be hyphenated?

Yes, but only when it is used as a compound adjective. (The Lindale Landlord used to teach English long, long ago.)

Why Lindale?

The Lindale Landlord likes it and thinks it’s a great, growing community—the kind of community he wants to invest in. Check out Lindale’s highly acclaimed schools. Get to know it’s friendly people. Eat a Happy Donut. Try it; you’ll like it. The Lindale Landlord did, and it made him happy.

What do you charge for a security deposit?

Tenants with good credit pay $1000.

What’s the deal with the application fee?

The Lindale Landlord pays to run credit checks and, for the safety of the neighborhood, criminal background checks on all adult applicants, so he charges $30 per adult to cover his cost. (It actually costs him just over $31.) This charge also helps to keep people who aren’t good renters from wasting his time. Unfortunately, it also screens out some nice people who don’t deserve that, and The Lindale Landlord regrets this. But he doesn’t make exceptions.

Do you really need to run criminal background checks in Lindale?

This is probably unnecessary in almost every instance, but The Lindale Landlord can’t tell which instances are the exceptions. He thinks it’s best for the neighborhood if he requires the checks. And he hasn’t yet found a neighbor who disagrees.

Why is the lease agreement so short?

The Lindale Landlord is proud of that! He believes that long contracts are annoying and, in most cases, stupid. If you want to know more about landlord/tenant rights, there are better places for that information than your lease. The Lindale Landlord recommends the State Bar Association’s Tenants’ Rights Handbook. (That’s the kind of bar that’s full of lawyers, not the kind that’s full of drinks.)

What rights do tenants and landlords have?

The bar association’s manual mentioned above has very good explanations. If you have a specific question, submit it to Ask The Lindale Landlord.

Does The Lindale Landlord want to buy my house and rent it?

Yes, if it’s in top-condition and for sale at a bargain price. But he’s out of money at the moment.

If I want to rent my house out, would The Lindale Landlord handle that for me?

Eventually, he’d like to offer that service—rental-property management service—but only on top-condition properties, and only in Lindale. The Lindale Landlord isn’t ready for all that just yet. His day job keeps him pretty busy. But if you’d like to talk about it, please let him know. It’s in his plans for the future.

What management services will The Lindale Landlord eventually provide?

Full service. If The Lindale Landlord is the manager, he will make or arrange for any repairs, advertise, screen applicants, rent the property, collect the rent, and handle complaints, problems, and even evictions if necessary. (He is a lawyer after all.)

How can he do all that if he lives and works in Dallas?

Right, he needs help. So he’s not offering management services just yet.