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All of our homes are now rented.

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About The Lindale Landlord

You can always contact the Lindale Landlord at email address. Jonathan Bridges is a Dallas attorney who feels a bit out of place in the city and has made a second home in Hideaway. Forgive The Lindale Landlord for borrowing your town’s name for his enterprise. It’s just that the name sounds so good that he couldn’t resist.

Here’s his boat, which he loves. Here’s his boxer, which he loves even more.
boat dog
Here’s his wife’s terrier, which he loves only a little.
dog Figure with drill

To learn more about the Lindale Landlord or to inquire about renting or landlording in general, go to Ask the Lindale Landlord. The Lindale Landlord doesn’t have all the answers, but he’s good at looking things up in books.


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